From the editor….

Dear Viewers,

Sanskrit is the most ancient language and is considered as the language of Gods. The Vedas, Epics, Puraanaas and Mantras on several Gods and Goddesses are found in Sanskrit. Many have not understood the true value of this language. Thus the urge to recite the Mantraas remain unfulfilled due to the barrier in form of Script.

SRI MB Publishers for the past one decade has been specializing in the field of Transliteration, bringing the shlokas, mantraas in English script from Sanskrit. Our books facilitate all those Indians who are not conversant to read Sanskrit and other Indian Languages. We pray the Almighty to shower blessings on one all for their worship and divinity.

We are indeed greatful to god for giving such an opportunity to do service to humanity which gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction.

“Lokaah samastaah sukhino bhavantu,

Meenakshi Balu  (View Profile)


SRI MB publishers has brought more than 200 books on Mantras, Slokas, Vedaas, Law, Philosophy and a few educational and general titles. Its vision is to make one and all user friendly to Sanskrit and other Indian languages through English translitaration and translation works in English. 

SRI MB Magazines is brought out with a different approach giving highlights on flurry of activities. Its intention is to provide a unique opportunity to know about the life of successful people, to understand what Indian children have with them to achieve at a global level in the future, and lays greater emphasis and importance on Indian culture, shlokaas, and many more….